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Why Use Protein Powder?

Why use Newtrition Co Plant Based Protein Powder Supplement Products

Using protein powder supplements is very common

For many people who are in training or looking to improve their general health and wellbeing they will begin to research and learn more about the use of protein powder. One of the biggest health trends in the last few years has been the use of plant based protein powder that is made from natural ingredients or plant based protein powder.

As someone who has always been passionate about fitness and health I have used lots of different forms of proteins over the years but eventually decided to create The Newtrition Co’s range because I felt there was a gap in the market for a protein blend that had a smooth consistency & didn’t taste like it came from a lolly shop with that over-sweet sickly taste that so many have.

Protein can support your body’s performance, it can boost glycogen storage, reduce muscle soreness, and helps repair or strengthen muscle tissue. There have been so many learnings created in the last decade about the way protein can play a role in your life and affect our body. 

It isn’t about the quantity of protein we consume, but it is the quality of that protein that dictates its effectiveness. Not all protein is created equal, and not all protein will perform the same way for you. It is important to understand what protein is made of and the different types to then work out how much protein you should be taking, why the quality of protein matters, and when you should be consuming protein so you make the right decisions for your dietary needs.


Protein is a fundamental part of all living cells. It is a functional and structural element of our body that helps to repair tissue and build bone, muscle, cartilage, enzymes and skin. Protein is in a constant state of change where it is broken down and built up again, so you have to  get the right amount of high-quality protein in your diet.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and are form together to create polypeptides, which join to form protein molecules. There are 20 amino acids found in protein, some of which the body can make (non-essential), others which must be consumed in the diet (essential).

What are BCAA's?

Of the essential amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are crucial to build lean muscle. These are the branched-chain amino acids. Leucine is considered the muscle-building powerhouse and if you combine that with resistance training it can activate mTOR which is the receptor responsible for triggering muscle building.

How is protein structured?

There are four levels of protein structure.





The primary level consists of a string connected amino acids called a polypeptide. The sequence in which the amino acids are assembled dictates the secondary structure in which the polypeptide chain folds into alpha-helix or beta-sheets. There can be many alpha-helical structures and beta sheets in one polypeptide. 

How they interact and fold together forms the tertiary structure. Some proteins are made from several different tertiary structures creating the quaternary structure. The protein structure dictates function (muscle, enzyme, blood cell) and digestibility.

What ways can we consume more protein into a diet?

Protein is found in almost all foods and in particularly high concentrations in meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, tofu, chickpeas, and beans. It’s recommended to obtain protein from whole foods in the most unprocessed form possible. However everyone is so busy these days and so much of the food in supermarkets is highly processed. Therefore sometimes it is hard to work out how pure the food is, or we don’t have time to prepare a meal when we are in a rush going to work or from the gym. 

This is where natural protein powder supplements can have their place in your diet & the most popular forms are whey, soy, pea & rice.

How is protein digested?

After ingestion, protein is broken down from its Tertiary to Primary structure in the stomach that has an acidic environment. In its primary structure, a protein can be broken down further into smaller peptides and free amino acids by enzymes in the stomach (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, elastase, etc). 

These smaller peptides and free amino acids are absorbed in the gut and travel through the bloodstream throughout the body. We also packed our protein powder with the MCT’s, Maca Root and Inulin Fibre. These three superfoods provide the ultimate formula to support weight-training, weight management, cognitive performance and digestive balance.

How can you compare the quality of different protein supplements?

Not all protein powder is the same and protein quality is essential to consider when you are performing and more importantly, to recover. 

Protein quality is based on:

  • The Amino Acid Profile - what quantity of essential amino acids does the protein contain.

  • Digestibility- if you consume 30g of protein, how much can your body digest and therefore absorb (a function of the Tertiary Structure).

  • Taste and mouthfeel - we spent a lot of time creating our range of protein powders to have a super smooth consistency when mixed correctly and a less sweet, sickly, tasting flavour.

Is a plant protein supplement product as high quality as animal protein?

The amino acid profile of animal protein powder is similar to humans and is more easily broken down and absorbed.  Although with improved extraction technology, processing, and product formulation, plant-based protein has become comparable to animal sources.


We are able to extract protein from a starting material (Golden Peas). This is achieved by removing the carbohydrate, protein and fibre, concentrating the protein portion. Plant-based sources now have comparable protein contents per 100g as whey protein, on average +80g/100g.
To obtain the protein from peas it must go through two phases, the first of which is a drying process. The outer shell of the pea is removed. The peas are then milled leaving a 'flour' which contains protein, starches and soluble fibres. The starches and the fibres can then be separated from the protein by wet filtration and centrifugation. The powder is then dry sprayed and ready to consume.


Some proteins from plant-based sources have structures that cause the mouthfeel to be gritty or sandy and even be more resist to easy digestion in the stomach. At Newtrition Co we dont use rice protein, this source causes the gritty and chalky texture in shakes or smoothies.  make sure that our processing technique creates smaller peptides and free amino acids so that you get an incredibly smooth mouthfeel and digestibility level.


Plant-based proteins have been criticised for having incomplete amino acid profiles. However, this can be worked around with innovative formulations utilising the complementary action of the protein. By combining pea protein (low in Methionine and high in Lysine) with hemp protein (low in Lysine and high in Methionine), you can create an amino acid profile which is perfect for people that need to get extra protein when following a vegan diet or for those who cannot tolerate the taste or feeling of a dairy based protein supplement.
Our protein powder supplements are made from Certified Organic hulled Hemp Seeds using a purely mechanical cold-milling process resulting in a fine powder that blends well. No chemicals are involved. It is a complete protein with minerals, vitamins and fibre that can aid digestion.
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