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Beta Alanine - Best Before December 2021

Beta Alanine - Best Before December 2021

Beta Alanine - Best Before December 2021

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Beta Alanine is a great amino acid for performance, it is a non-essential amino acid. Non-essential amino acids can be made by the body, so they don't have to be provided by food. Most amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. However, some like beta-alanine are used to make other chemicals in the body. Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that significantly increases strength, lean body mass and muscular endurance by helping to manage the pH of the muscle cells. You can take Beta Alanine as a supplement to increase what your body is producing.


If you want to know you have bought good quality Beta Alanine there is a fun way to tell. If the Beta Alanine gives you spider tingles on the back of your neck, a flushing feeling to your cheeks or you might even get the tingles on the palms and back of your hands then you know it is kicking in.

This nerve reaction occurs as the Beta Alanine converts to Carnosine in the body. When this happens you know the product is working and you're ready to get the benefits from it in your training. 


Beta Alanine is a great product for endurance athletes and bodybuilders. It will allow your muscles to push harder and for longer. Beta Alanine can be combined or stacked with other supplements such as Creatine to assist achieving certain performance goals.

How to take Beta Alanine?

The recommended dose is to consume 1 scoop (1.25gm) once per day.

Beta Alanine can be consumed at any time of the day, we recommend stacking it with Creatine Monohydrate.

Studies show the longer period you use it for, the faster you become!

  • Is Beta Alanine bad for you? No, its produced naturally in the body

  • What is Beta Alanine used for in bodybuilding? Muscle strength and endurance enhancer

  • Is Beta Alanine a pre-workout? No, though it can be used in pre-workout formulation to fuel your performance.

  • What happens if you take too much Beta Alanine? High doses can cause excessive flushing and tingling

  • Is Beta Alanine worth taking? Yes, definitely worth taking, there are many studies proving that this amino acid does wonders to give you the performance gains it promises to achieve.

  • Does Beta Alanine affect kidneys? No, there is no evidence to show negative effects on the kidneys.

  • Does Beta Alanine cause weight gain? No, calorie surplus makes you gain weight.

  • Should you take Beta Alanine everyday? Yes, for the best effects, the longer you take the better performance gains.

  • Is Beta Alanine a vasodilator? No, there are other amino acids that create vasodilation to the blood vessels.

  • Does Beta Alanine increase heart rate? No, increased exercise at high intensity increases heart rate.

  • Can Beta Alanine cause headaches? No. It can only give you flushing and tingles in users which are beginning their journey with beta alanine.

  • Does Beta Alanine make you itch? No, though to new users it will give you tingles called paresthesia.

  • How is Beta Alanine manufactured? In a laboratory. Our beta alanine is vegan sourced and pharmaceutical grade.

  • Does Beta Alanine help recovery? Not necessarily, It's predominantly used for performance.
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