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NOTella Protein Porridge

NOTella Protein Packed Porridge

Delicious clean and nutritious in one bowl.

This simple recipe was created by Tony from @thatnewtritionguy whereby oats are his staple breakfast for post workout nutrition.

Let us show you how this is made.


- 80gm oats
- 15gm puffed grains
- Water or milk of choice - approx. 150-200ml
- 2 scoops Chocolate Hazelnut protein powder
- 5gm @pana_organic chocolate hazelnut spread


- Add oats and water to the pan
- Let the oats cook on the cooktop until oats are soft and water is hot
- Add puffed grains
- Remove from cooktop
- Add the protein and stir well until fully absorbed- add milk to water to desired consistency
- Drizzle the Choc hazelnut spread
- Dig in, enjoy and observe your gains

Macronutrient Profile

Protein 58gm / Carbohydrates 64gm / Fats 14.2gm

616 Calories

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