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How to make a protein supplement shake smooth

Newtrition Co Australian Plant Based Protein Powder Supplement makes very smooth shakes or smoothies


Using protein powder supplements is all about making life a bit easier by being able to create quick meals or protein shakes that can give your body the extra protein & nutrients you want. Although one of the biggest issues with most protein powders is they can be either really thick, have a chalky texture, turn out quite lumpy after mixing it or feel really gritty when you drink it.

Make the smoothest protein powder supplement shakes in Australia

I spent a lot of time working on our protein powder blends in Australia to make sure that when you used our products to make a protein shake that it would be silky smooth and easy to drink. We’ve achieved this with a unique mix of ingredients and a very careful production process using 100% natural ingredients.

Smooth protein powder shake recipes

By using our protein supplement products it means they can easily be incorporated into lots of different protein shake or smoothie recipes without too much hassle. It means you can spend less time worrying about lumps or a gritty texture and more time on creating a great smoothie with healthy, delicious ingredients.

5 tips for making a smooth protein shake

  1. Use great kitchen tools to make a smoothie

If you have the time then using a high speed blender is the best way to create a super smooth smoothie. The machine can use its high powered blades to cut through any food material quickly & break up all the ingredients into very fine pieces. The speed and rotation of blenders makes the job of creating smoothies much easier, but does take up more time & requires cleaning up afterwards. 

  1. Add your powder on top of the liquid
For convenience lots of people will use a protein shaker bottle and our one includes a metal mixing ball to make this even easier. The simplest method to use if you are using a shaker bottle is to;
    • add half your liquid
    • protein powder on top
    • shake it 
    • once the powder is smooth, add the rest of your liquid and shake a little more.

  1. Add a cube of ice to your shaker bottle
By adding another element inside the shaker bottle that can move the materials around you create even more opportunities for them to be broken down. By adding a couple of small cubes of ice together with a metal blender ball it means there are lots of different surfaces able to mix the hard and soft materials in the shaker. 
The ice also cools the smoothie while adding water volume for better hydration as well so it is a win win all round.

  1. Make sure your powder is kept in a dry, cool place

Heat and moisture will totally change the consistency of a protein powder. If you live in a really humid area, you may also want to consider keeping the little silica packet in the bottom of your powder container. Things like air conditioning, how close your oven or stove is to your storage location & even your house ventilation can all effect this. Keeping moisture out is a great way to make sure your powder is loose and dry.

  1. Think about your smoothie ingredients
There are hundreds of smoothie recipes and you can drink our protein powder just with water or milk, but once you begin adding other ingredients it will change the ability for those to mix together depending on their size and consistency.
So adding large pieces won’t make it easy for the fluid and other items to blend which can cause lumps to form.
Choosing a protein powder that only uses natural ingredients can also help as each one can quickly be broken down when mixed with other items compared to ones that have high levels of additives or chemicals.

Some more frequently asked questions

How do I make my protein shake less grainy?

You can reduce the grainy texture of your protein shake by making sure you are using the right balance of liquid to powder, using the right mixing technique, not trying to put too many different ingredients or using a natural, plant based vegan protein powder that is smooth like our products.



What is the best thing to mix with protein powder?

The best thing to mix with protein powder can simply be water for the simplest way to get your protein supplements. Although it is very common for people to use milk, bananas, peanut butter or other ingredients to mix with their protein powder.



How do you blend the perfect protein shake?

You can blend the perfect protein shake by using a kitchen blender that is fast and powerful



Why is my protein shake so thick?

Normally a protein shake will be thick if there isn’t enough fluid or too much powder has been used.



Is it bad to drink protein shakes everyday?

No,  you can drink protein shakes everyday as long as it forms part of a balanced diet and excercise



Is it bad to drink protein shakes everyday without working out?

No,  you can drink protein shakes everyday without working out, but you need to be mindful of the energy you are creating for your body vs what you are exerting.



Is it OK to drink protein shake on an empty stomach?

Absolutely, drinking or consuming protein in a smoothie or baked foods like banana protein bread, chocolate protein brownies or protein pancakes are the perfect start to the day.



Is it better to use water or milk in protein shakes?

Personally I prefer ice cold water, though it comes to personal preference how you would like to consume protein powder.



Do protein shakes make you fat?

A protein shake in isolation won’t really make you fat - it is about your general lifestyle, excercise routine & the balance of what is going into and being used up by your body.

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